7 Best NFT Marketplaces in India To Buy Your First NFT

You might be wondering and wanting to know where can I buy NFTs? While there are plenty of ways to get more NFTs, the easiest way to start accumulating them is to buy some from an NFT marketplace in India.

But, there is so many NFT app in India out there; how can you know which one will be the best for you?

To help you find the correct answer, we’ve created this guide on the best NFT marketplaces in India to buy your first NFTs (and why some of them might not be suitable).

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What’s an NFT Marketplace?

NFT marketplaces in India can be described as online marketplaces where NFTs can be sold, bought, or minted. NFT app is one of the most popular ways to buy and sell digital assets. It allows you to create, buy, and sell digital art, music, videos, and more. This post will list the top NFT app in India that you can use to buy your first NFT.

NFT marketplaces try to denominate listed assets using digital currency. Its ownership is transferred to the buyer immediately after it’s purchased. This can result in a network transaction fee.

These have become so popular that new marketplaces for NFTs are always being created. Each one aims to target a particular niche within the larger market. Keep in mind that NFTs are not digital media. Owning an NFT doesn’t necessarily mean you have the copyright.

The List of Top NFT Apps in India

Here’s a list of top and the best NFT app in India to help you trade efficiently without facing risk.


WazirX, an Indian cryptocurrency exchange and the best marketplace in India, was established in 2018. It has over 7.3 million users. Binance acquired the platform. The NFT marketplace was created to support traditional and regional creators. This is among the best NFT marketplace in India.

It is well-known for hosting its first NFT exhibition and is a great option for beginners. Users pay 5%, and creators keep the remainder of the proceedings. It recorded $38 billion in trading by November 2021, a record for any platform. Due to the Indian government’s cryptocurrency bill decision, the platform crashed following heavy user activity.

india nft marketplace


This marketplace has been described as the “bridge between Bollywood and Blockchain”. Bollycoin, an NFT marketplace for collections inspired by Bollywood projects, is called Bollycoin. The platform recently unveiled the Dabangg collection in collaboration with Salman Khan.

The marketplace offers stills, posters, clips, and other collectibles. You can use your crypto coins to buy NFTs and receive royalties based on their activity.


BuyUCoin was founded in 2016 and is India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. It serves over 350,000 users and has handled over $300 million in digital asset transactions. It allows users to trade and buy 33 cryptos, including Ethereum, Ripple, and Stellar. Users pay a 0.2% maker fee.

A dedicated NFT marketplace is also available on the platform. It has a similar UI to Opensea and features some of the most popular NFT projects.

Binance NFT marketplace

Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has launched its non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. This new platform will allow users to buy, sell, or trade a wide range of digital assets.

Since the launch of the NFT marketplace, over 1000 creators have posted 2.5 million NFTs. The marketplace gives creators a wider platform to express their creativity.

Binance NFT Marketplace provides NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. This ensures that users have access to a wide range of tradeable assets. The marketplace interface is simple and features NFTs in various collections, including entertainment, gaming, and sports.


If you’re looking for the best NFT marketplace in India, look no further than Colexion. With a wide variety of options, plus a user-friendly interface, it’s the perfect place to buy your first NFT. Plus, this app makes it easy to keep track of your collection and transactions.

Colexion claims to be the largest NFT marketplace license, where digital artists can sell and buy their art. It has partnered up with many cricketers like Yuvraj Singh and Glen Maxwell. In the form of a trading card. Even musicians such as Salim Sulaiman and Aamir Ali have their own set of NFTs in Entertainment.


It is a top-rated NFT marketplace in 2022. Crypto.com offers a unique card that can be used to purchase a cryptocurrency by staking it. This platform aims to simplify the whole investing process. You can sign up for a Crypto.com account NFT in just minutes. The best thing about this marketplace is its buying process. There is no transaction charge for purchasing NFTs. This is a stark contrast to other platforms.

Jupiter Meta

Jupiter Meta, India’s first fully-curated marketplace, has announced its launch. Its mission is to create unique metaverse experiences through music, films, and video games—their NFT “Icons of Singara Chennai” cities culture through digital art and NFT of food.

This NFT app in India was established in 2021 to trade NFT, and various creative and cultural segments were built into its metaverse. It offers a personalized experience and fixed prices.

Wrapping up

The NFT market is still in its early days but growing fast. India is no exception. India has many new and emerging NFT marketplaces that are perfect for anyone looking to buy their first NFT or expand their collection. Many of these India NFT marketplace are accessible through an app which allows you to access your tokens anytime and anywhere.

Hope this detailed guide will help you choose the right platform for trading NFT.

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